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Where Did Freelance Ghostwriting Go?

Don’t worry; I’m still here. But for those of you who met me through web3 and specifically via the Internet Computer blockchain, you may have noticed that you haven’t seen my NFT blog for a couple of weeks. I have to announce that after more than a year and a half of helping the ICP community (and later cross-chain) keep your finger on the pulse of the NFT world, I won’t be producing a regular weekly blog anymore.

This article will address:

· Why am I no longer writing a weekly blog

· What I will be doing in web3

· How you can stay up to date with my latest content/art/etc.

Freehand Ovals #100
I haven't gone anywhere. As proof, I present Freehand Ovals #100. I started digitally hand-painting this collection in July 2021 and I just completed it in March 2023. There's plenty more to come!

A Graceful Exit

In her last column, Journalist Ellen Goodman quoted herself. Thirty years earlier, she had written: "There's a trick to the Graceful Exit. It begins with the vision to recognize when a job, a life stage, a relationship is over — and to let go. It means leaving what's over without denying its validity or its past importance in our lives. It involves a sense of future, a belief that every exit line is an entry, that we are moving on rather than out."

I’ve loved writing about NFTs for the past 18+ months. But my time writing weekly columns in web3 is over. I have other IRL obligations and pursuits that have to take precedence. I’ll always remember fondly researching NFT projects to see which had the most talented artists, the most responsible founders, or just the best chance at a 10x profit.

While this is goodbye to my weekly NFT blogs, it’s not a goodbye from me.

It's Abandoned (with watermark)
I now have 6 blogs in my "The Story Behind the Shot" series. All six photos are available as 1/1s on the Polygon blockchain in my "Travel Photographer" collection. These serve as a precursor to my upcoming "This Is Sicily" NFT photo collection.

The Web3 Future for Freelance Ghostwriting

I’m going to continue maintaining my blog here on my website, so you can subscribe and follow me here to see the latest posts. It’s also not a bad idea to follow me on Nuance since I may also use my blog there to write specifically about NFTs. The nice thing is that with no pressure to produce a weekly blog of a certain length, I can now write about projects I notice and want others to take note of at any time I feel like it.

You can also follow my web3 socials. Primarily, there are two that I use:

My main focus is now on my creative arts. As you know, I already have two completed NFT collections for sale, as well as a third collection that I minted in July 2021 and am just now listing again.

· Contemporary Digital Artworks (Opensea: Polygon chain)

· Freehand Ovals (Opensea: Polygon chain)

· Colorful Abstracts (Toniq: Internet Computer chain)

I am now working on three other collections:

· Neurodivergent

· This Is Sicily

· Colorful Abstracts 2

The details on all of these collections are forthcoming. Of course, you can also stay up to date on my content and art by following me on Twitter. Now that I am moving into a new apartment, I plan on also creating more physical art. So I’ll try to post that journey as well.

Colorful Abstracts #023
It took me over six months to digitally hand-paint the 50 original artworks in my "Colorful Abstracts" collection. The collection sold out in just a few days and the secondary market is on Here is Colorful Abstracts #023.

Stay in Touch

I’m not leaving the ICP eco. I’m not leaving crypto or web3. This is just a new phase where my work is all done in the web2 world, and web3 is for creative pursuits. Feel free to keep in touch with me through the various blogs and social platforms cited in this article. And, of course, those who are used to communicating with me in private chats and DMs are still welcome to do so.

To answer the initial question: Freelance Ghostwriting didn’t go anywhere.


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