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#034 - Cloudy Day - Raining Colors - June 2023.jpg
#033 - Welcome to the Jungle - Raining Colors - June 2023.jpg

NFT Artwork for Sale

I'm using Exchange Art, OpenSea, DGDG, and Toniq to sell original digital artworks and photographs as NFTs (non-fungible tokens). You can see some of my artwork below. Click the image if you are interested in buying one of my NFT artworks or even if you just want to click the favorite button to get my artwork some attention.  

Still Life Abstracts

My genesis art collection on Solana is launching now on Exchange Art! 

These Still Life Abstracts are an amalgam of my photography and art. I use still life photos I have taken as a base to create a rough outline - thus overcoming my inability to form mental images (aphantasia). Then I utilize the color palette of the photo and my intuitive abstract art style to create the digital paintings. After hiding the photo and tracing layers, I'm left with these still life abstract artworks. 

Each 1/1 will be auctioned starting at 1 SOL

Sliced Blood Orange on a Wood Cutting Board - August 2023.jpg

Travel Photographer

Learn more about the photos in this collection by reading my "Story Behind the Shot" series on my blog. 

Click the image to shop this collection of 1/1 photography NFTs on OpenSea for .05 ETH

Garlic Drying.JPG
Freehand Ovals 001-005.PNG

#001-100 Freehand Ovals

The Freehand Ovals collection is complete! Each image was digitally created by hand in my own intuitive abstract style. The loops create a connection to the artist's subconscious, so these artworks are endowed with the ability to provide a real connection besides the colorful and geometrically pleasing art.

Click the image to get your 1/1 digital artwork. Listing Price: 15 MATIC

Azzurro - Raining Colors - August 2021 - 019.jpg

Raining Colors

Raining Colors is a work in progress. There will be 100 1/1 artworks in the collection following the theme, making this the second collection like this from me in the manner of Freehand Ovals.

November 2023 Update: The collection is about 60% completed.

#023 - Colorful Abstracts - May 2022.jpg

Colorful Abstracts (SOLD OUT)

The Colorful Abstracts collection is a SOLD OUT collection of 50 abstract artworks on the Internet Computer blockchain.

You can shop the secondary marketplace on or on

Contemporary Digital Artworks

A collection of digital artworks on Opensea.

Click the image to set the NFT collection and purchase an artwork.

10 edition artworks start at 5 MATIC

1/1 artworks start at 50 MATIC

Contemporary Digital Artworks promo.PNG


This work in progress involves the use of AI as a collaborative medium. I use prompts (always including the word Neurodivergent) to create abstract artworks in the style of some famous artists throughout history, and then I "collaborate" with them by adding my own digitally hand-painted elements.

November 2023 Update: The collection is about 1/3 completed.


This Is Sicily

My second photography collection will feature images from travels on the island of Sicily.

The work on this collection is still early as I am still taking images and editing the shots I've already taken. 

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