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Learn About the Freehand Ovals Collection

While I am diversified in the arts (writer, photographer, and artist), the NFT series I am likely best known for is my Freehand Ovals collection on OpenSea. Why am I so attracted to drawing loops? What should NFT art collectors know about the series? Here’s an informational article about this unique collection of artworks.

#076 Freehand Ovals

Why Loops?

I should start by saying that I’m an INFJ. If you don’t know much about this personality type, you can read about it here. The short version is that I can’t always explain why I do what I do or like what I like. I rely on intuition, and painting this ovals collection just feels right to me.

That said, I’ve researched loops, and I have a few possible explanations as to why I’ve been so focused on this collection.

  • I’m an amateur graphologist – In other words, I love the study of handwriting. Loops play a huge role in seeing into a person’s subconscious. Of course, just painting ovals against a background rather than having it be part of handwriting creates different meanings. However, I still find it fascinating and feel like I can tell the mood I was in for each painting based on location, shape, size, and distance between the loops.

  • I’m an introvert – I’m very introverted. I express myself best in written form, which is a part of why I decided to create online content as a job. According to some doodle experts, a person who likes to draw circles or rings may feel like an outsider or may just be so introverted they don’t feel the need for a lot of communication.

  • Closed loops just feel good – Art can be good for mental health. I hope the loops make you feel as good as they make me feel.

Points of Interest for Collectors

I hope people purchase my art because they like it – because it makes them feel something. However, there are several reasons my Freehand Ovals collection makes sense for art and NFT collectors purely as an investment.

  • It is my first complete collection – Okay, so it’s not done yet, but it’s close. 96 of the 100 artworks for this collection have been painted, and 80 have been listed for sale on OpenSea. I project that all the artworks will be painted by the end of December and up for sale by late December or early January.

  • All artworks are 1/1 – Each painting is unique and digitally hand-painted by me. I have also signed each artwork in the lower righthand corner with the abbreviated year. This authenticates the artworks and proves they are among my earliest digital works.

  • I’m offering a free airdrop for early investors – I’m also working on a collection called Raining Colors. I have already painted the first 26 artworks in the series, and I have earmarked ten paintings in the series to airdrop for free to the first ten paying collectors in the Freehand Ovals series. That collection will also be a maximum of 100 artworks.

Samples from the Raining Colors Collection

Additionally, I’ve created some properties to help collectors determine what artworks in the series may be considered rare. While all the digital paintings are 1/1, there are also some series within the collection. For example:

  • The Grayscale Series – Almost 1 in 5 paintings in the collection are grayscale instead of color.

  • The Rainbow Collection – Six artworks in the series – #043-048 – make up the Rainbow Collection. Each is a monochromatic painting in a different color of the rainbow.

  • The Ombre Collection – Each artwork in this series features a background that gradually changes colors in either a vertical or diagonal pattern.

The 6 Artworks in the Rainbow Collection

And there are several other mini collections within the series. There are also some natural pairs in the collection. For example, #027 and #065 are painted in the same style – one using only primary colors and one using only secondary colors (see below). Paintings #079 and 080 are also a natural pairing using two contrasting colors – blue and orange.

Additionally, I have set a property for the month painted. Only the first two artworks in the series were painted in July 2021, making those the oldest and most rare. Since 95 artworks were created before December, assuming I complete the series this month, there will only be five paintings completed in December 2021, making it the second rarest month.

#002 Freehand Ovals is the only currently unsold artwork in the series from July 2021

There are other defining characteristics that make the paintings unique or that tie some of them together. Check the “feature” property on each NFT to learn more. It can also help you find ones with a similar style to the painting you enjoy. For example, I often note in the feature the brush type that I used for painting the ovals.

A Brief Update on Other Collections

I would like to conclude with a brief follow-up to last month's “State of the Artist”.

  • During October, I ultimately completed 31 paintings (I had only finished 30 at the time of writing the article).

  • In November, I completed 14 artworks.

  • I started listing my Minimalist Abstractions series on H=N. Three are currently listed, but there are eight artworks in the series.

  • I completed the first two artworks in my Anxiety series. When these will be listed and on what blockchain are TBD.

  • The Shapes & Colors: A Study collection on the Ethereum blockchain is still yet to be released due to exorbitant gas prices. I will have to decide if I want to move the series to another chain or continue waiting.

Samples from the Minimalist Abstractions series on H=N

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Thanks for reading! Here are some other ways to see my work or connect with me.


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