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Why I Use Bing as My Search Engine for Research

It’s a straightforward answer – they pay me to do it (in a roundabout way). If you are not using Microsoft Rewards yet, you are missing out. I earn over $100 in Amazon gift cards per year by changing almost nothing in my everyday life. I just started using Bing instead of Google as my search engine and watch the rewards add up!

Does Bing Return the Same Results as Google?

In short, no. Are there times when I switch over because I am having trouble finding what I’m looking for with Bing? Sure. But it’s not so often that I feel like using Bing is slowing me down. I’ve also switched my phone search engine because you can earn 150 rewards points using Bing on your laptop each day (about 15 cents) and another 120 points on your phone (about 12 cents). I don’t use the Edge browser, which only earns you 20 points per day. I prefer Brave, but more on that in a future article.

The Daily Set Really Adds Up

You can get another 30-70 points each day by taking a quick poll or quiz. These tasks change daily and give you further bonuses when you reach a certain streak. Once you are beyond the first couple of weeks, the streak bonus is 150 points.

Besides all of these bonuses, other activities rotate in and out depending on what Microsoft wants to promote. It’s usually just a quick click, and then you can close the window that opens to get another 5-10 points.

Monthly Punch Cards

I don’t usually do the monthly punch cards because they involve spending real money. For example, you may get 2,500 points for renting a certain number of movies or 4,000 points for making a video game purchase. The rewards usually give you about 10% back in bonuses, so they are good if you will make a purchase anyway. Additionally, there is usually one free punch card per month that earns you 150 points for doing a few small tasks.

Earn Big With Referrals

Of course, the fastest way to earn points is to get others to sign up for Microsoft Rewards, and if you follow any of the links in this article, you will be using my referral code. A referral signup earns 6,000 points! So please support my blog by using one of the links in this article to sign up. Then, invite your friends so you can get even more rewards!

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