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High-Quality SEO Content Provides Superior ROI

Search engine optimization is a cost-effective way to generate traffic for your business or eCommerce website. Content still rules the digital marketing world, and that will not be changing anytime soon. Here are a few reasons to invest some of your company’s marketing capital in SEO.

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Your Competition Is Using SEO

The top ranking spots on Google are the highly regarded prize in a perpetual power struggle. If your business is not reaching out for that number one ranking, then you are losing ground to your competitors. Research has shown that half of Google users click on the first link. If that link is not you, you are conceding traffic (and likely sales) to a competitor.

SEO is simply the cornerstone of all of your other digital marketing ventures.

SEO Is Key to the Local and Mobile Markets

Google is backing this trend. Entire Google updates have been dedicated to mobile and local search. That is because more people are searching from mobile devices while on the go than ever before. This makes localized SEO that is geo-tagged for your company’s location a vital part of bringing in customers to a brick and mortar store. Oh, and just in case you weren’t keeping score, the number of global mobile users exceeded desktop users back in 2013, so this isn't a new revelation in the marketing world.

Low Cost, High Reward

SEO is one of the least expensive forms of digital marketing. Unlike PPC campaigns, you do not pay for each search engine click. Your primary expense involves hiring an experienced SEO firm, content writer, or another consultant to help ensure your SEO strategy works. This is not to undervalue the importance of a strong social media presence and a good PPC strategy. SEO is simply the cornerstone of all of your other digital marketing ventures.


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