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Why I Exclusively Use Grammarly for Writing the Best Content

Freelance Ghostwriting is well-known among digital marketing and web design companies for offering high-quality copywriting services. I don't mean to pat myself on the back, but the website content is witty and sales-driven, the blogs are engaging and educational, and the only grammar tool I use is the premium version of Grammarly. Here are some of the reasons this is the writing tool for me (and you).

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  • Accuracy – Grammarly is high functioning as a spelling and grammar checker. It catches things that it is difficult for a writer to see, especially when you have just finished writing an article and know exactly what you meant to say (which may not always match what appears on the screen). There is also a surprisingly low amount of “false positives” (issues that are actually just creative choices).

  • Variety – One of our favorite features is the recommendation of synonyms when the content includes a repeated word.

  • Tone – Grammarly also checks your style of writing. This can help you to keep your writing friendly, formal, positive, or any number of other valuable tones.

  • Passive voice – I’ve gotten to the point where it is almost difficult for me to write a passive sentence on purpose. Staying in the active voice creates engagement for readers, which is precisely what you want for commercial projects.

  • Weekly report – The weekly report is an excellent reminder of how many other people are out there writing away and preparing great content using Grammarly. You don’t want to fall behind the curve. If you are a professional writer who is not using Grammarly, or you pay a freelancer who doesn’t use this service, you are not receiving the best possible content.

  • Microsoft integration – We check all of our content right in the Word document.

  • Web browser integration – Browser integration allows us to check our emails, social media posts, and anything else we do on the web. We use Google Chrome and Braver Browser and have great success with both.

...the only grammar tool I use is the premium version of Grammarly.

Sign Up for Grammarly Today

You can start out enjoying a wide array of benefits as a free user. They rejected my request to become an affiliate since my blog is so new (I'm not bitter), but I've been using the Grammarly premium version for years and I highly recommend it!


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