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4 Effects of Your Content on Brand Identity

Companies work hard to build a brand name that is well known and trusted in their industry. Content marketing can have a powerful effect on brand perception. Here are four ways that your content will impact the identity of your brand.

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1. Engagement Equals Customer Acquisition

Content influences your consumers all throughout the customer lifecycle. Engaging content may turn a consumer into a customer. More importantly, it can turn a first-time customer into a loyal brand advocate. The key is to give consumers the information that they want.

For example, a cleaning company may be reluctant to give out cleaning tips on their blog, but those are the exact things that potential consumers are going to be searching for on Google. They may read a great blog post about the right way to wash laundry. Later, when decide they are in the market for a new housekeeper, you don’t need to guess who they are going to look into. They will remember the brand that gave them some insights that made a household chore easier.

Consistency across mediums is essential to building and maintaining trust in your brand and fomenting loyalty.

2. Transparency Builds Trust

Marketing content is a great opportunity to let consumers into the inner workings of your business. Providing information about the company’s history humanizes the brand. Plus, everyone loves a good story, so give them what they want!

This is also a great opportunity to share the processes that your brand goes through to prepare a quality product. For example, several years back, Hyundai aired a TV spot that showed a car being put through rigorous testing. That’s a smart move from a company that, at one time, had to give out 100,000-mile warranties just to get someone to buy their cars. Now, they are just saying, “Look, we make sure our product is high-quality, and now you’ve seen us do it. Trust us."

3. Consistency Results in Loyalty

You work hard to create an image for your brand. Therefore, all marketing content, from a Super Bowl TV spot to a Facebook post needs to convey the same values that your brand is known for. Consistency across mediums is essential to building and maintaining trust in your brand and fomenting loyalty.

4. Word of Mouth and Brand Advocates

Social media has made it easier than ever to gain loyal brand advocates and have them pass on your content at no cost to you. Providing high-quality content will ensure that your supporters are happy to share what they are watching and reading. Of course, paid influencers can make a big impact too. Just be sure the influencer's values match up with the image you are trying to create for your brand.


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